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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does Farmer's Market Lettuce Last Longer Than Prepackaged Lettuce?

My husband and I purchased lettuce from the farmers market for the first time last week, Romaine lettuce, to be more specific. We are used to panicking about the longevity of leafy greens in our fridge, so this weekend, I was shocked to discover that over a week later, the lettuce still looked as green and yummy as the day we bought it. Not only that, but this was a head of lettuce that only cost us a single dollar.

When we go to grocery store, we usually buy prepackaged greens, which range in price from $2 - 4, so I'm not sure if this difference is that we bought a head of lettuce -- uncut and unwashed -- or if it is because the lettuce is super fresh.

Either way, we are pleased and will be buying more greens from the farmers markets in the future!

What's your experience with wilting lettuce?

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